Medical and Forensic suppliers


Bottle Bullet – 50ml
Bottle 250ml Juice & lid –  250 bottles/ pack
Bottle 250ml with cap – Takes lotion pump
Bottle 250ml Boston –  24/410 (300 per bag)
Bottle 500ml Boston –  28/410
Bottle 500ml – Wide neck
Bottle 500ml – Takes lotion pump
Bottle 750ml Bell bottle –  28/400 60gr (100 per bag)
Bucket 8 Lt  – Plastic Domestic
Chemical Bottle with cap 1Lt – 100/pack
Cups: 250ml styrene, disposable – 100 or 1000 per pack
Curry & Rice cups 500ml –  100 per pack (Milky/Opaque plastic)
Dishpet 750ml squeeze bottle –  With push/pull cap
Dishpet 750ml squeeze bottle –  With ordinary screw cap
Dishpet 750ml squeeze bottle –  Bottle only – no caps
Dishpet push-pull caps –  Minimum order of box of 1500 caps
Drums – blue: 210Lt   9,5kg –  Chemical drums with screw lids
Drums – blue: 210Lt   10,2kg –  Chemical drums with screw lids
Eyewash Port Complete with Cabinet
Flip Top – 32lt bin (Addis)
Fomo Pak Dinner Boxes (Standard / Econo  quality) –   300/bale (open tray – no divisions)
Honey Jar –  500ml/1 Lt
Jerry Can 5Lt  –  With cap 100gm/140gr/160gr (packs of 500)
Lotion Pump 250ml / 500ml bottle
Sani Bins – Small /Large
Spraybottle – 750ml (complete)
Spraymist 250ml bottle
Spray Trigger
Wheely bins –  240Lt (Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black and Orange)