Medical and Forensic suppliers

Protective Clothing

Apron-H.D Autopsy -Re-usable
Dust Coats White, Long Sleeve – Heavy Duty
Face Shield with flip-up visor
Gum Boots (Safety, White – Acid & Oil Resistant (SABS Related)
Overalls – 2 Piece Continental / Jump Suit (all in one)
Respirators – Double / Single / Cartridge for Chemical Use
Safety Goggles One piece – Clear
Safety Spectacles with side shield
Shoe Covers – Disposable
Sleeve Protectors Disposable – Plastic
Surgical Face Masks – Tie Back Disposable
Theatre Caps – Disposable
Theatre Gowns – 1 Piece, Linen, Long Sleeve, Cotton Cuff (premium quality)
Theatre Gowns – Disposable, High Quality,  Waterproof
Theatre Gowns – Economy, Disposable
Theatre Suite – 2 Piece, Linen, Long Sleeve,  Cotton Cuff
Forensic Pathology Uniforms           .