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General Chemicals and Environmental Cleaning Agents

Cleaning Chemicals
Product Description
Packaged in: 25Lt/Kg, 5Lt/Kg and 1Lt/Kg
Biogerm Pine Perfumed / Non-perfumed QAC disinfectant (SABS 1853)
Biotol Pine disinfectant – perfumed
Blood Stain Remover Ammoniated / Non-ammoniated
Bluesan Disinfectant deodorizer and cleaner
Brass Cleaner Copper and Brass Cleaner
Citroclean General purpose cleaner (citro fragrance)
Citrogel Gel based citrus disinfectant
Copper / Brass Brightener                          . Metal Brighter
Dash “C” Silicon dash cleaner
De-Oil Acid concrete cleaner -SABS
Envirobleach Bleach 50
Enviro Thick Bleach Bleached thickened with detergent
Envirobleach Powder Powder Bleach
Envirobowl Toilet bowl & urinal cleaner
Envirobuff Buffing Solution
Envirocare Blue / Pink Liquid hand soap
Envirocare (medicated) Biopearl medicated hand gel – same as Steri scrub
Envirocarpet Low foam carpet cleaner
Envirocube 5kg  (100gr pellets)
Pmats  Box of 10 – Various Fragrances
Envirodip “Black Bin Cleaner”
Envirodish Dishwashing liquid
Envirodrain P Powdered drain cleaner
Envirodrain Liquid Liquid drain cleaner packed in 1Lt’s (Hazardous)
Envirofresh Liquid Air freshener
Enviro GEL (Pinegel) Gel Based pine disinfectant
Enviro HA Ammoniated Cleaner / Handy Andy
Envirokleen General Purpose Cleaner
Enviropaste Scouring Paste
Enviropower Detergent Degreaser
Enviro PRN Spot Remover
Enviroscale Descaler
Enviroscour Scouring Powder
Enviroshine Buffable floor dressing/polish
Envirosoft Fabric Softener
Envirostep Floor polish – Maintenance product
Envirostove Oven Cleaner – non caustic
Envirostrip Non Ammoniated Floor stripper
Envirosuperpower Highly concentrated detergent degreaser
Envirotyre Silicone Based Tyre polish
Envirowax Wax floor polish (Variety of Colours)
Envirozyme L Liquid Enzyme Cleaner (Blue)
Envirozyme P Powder Enzyme Cleaner for Septic Tanks / Pit Toilets
Furniglo Liquid cream furniture polish
Germitol / Microtol Liquid Pine QAC
Hair Shampoo Regular Hair Shampoo
HASS Hand Sanitizing Gel
Leather Cleaner Alcohol based – clear liquid
Leather Treatment Cream for leather/dash
Leather Conditioner Leather Care conditioner
Lubrisol Heavy Duty degreaser – for grippa grease & soiling
Mechanic Magic Hand Cleaner with Grit
Multipower Degreaser for paint shops
Purdet Low Foam Washing Powder
Purdet High Foam Washing Powder
Santol Liquid Pine disinfectant
Shower Gel Medicated soap & shower gel
Silky Skin Hand & Body Lotion
Stainless Steel Cleaner Stainless Steel Cleaner
Steriscrub Medical hand soap
Teepol General Purpose Washing liquid
Trans D Solve Solvent based engine cleaner
Tyregloss Solvent based clear tyre shine
Wash & Wax 2 in 1 Shampoo and Wax
Windowkleen Window cleaner
White Board Cleaner 250ml fine spray bottle