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Pads, Holders & Sponges

Product Description
Cloth Holder (Muzzlin tool) 60cm Antistatic – (Handle not included)
Doodlebug Pads 25cm x 12cm Pads
Doodlebug Holder Edge Cleaner (no handle)
Doodlebug Holder E-line Edge Cleaner (no handle)
Floor Pads 3M 400mm-500mm (Black, Blue, Red, White, Grey)
Floor Pads E-Line  150mm-600mm (Black, Blue, Red, White)
Microfibre Sleeve Blue/Green/Red/Yellow
Microfibre Tool only
Polish Applicator – frame only 30cm and 40cm Steel (handle not included)
Polish Applicator 30cm and 40cm Steel with wooden handle
Polish Applicator Pads Lambs wool wax applicator – 30cm / 40cm pads
Sponge Scourers-Small 75 x 55mm
Sponge Scourers-Large 110mm x 80mm
Thinline green Hand Pads-Large 14cm x 21cm
Thinline Green Hand Pads MINI 7cm x 11cm