Medical and Forensic suppliers

Specialised Mortuary Chemicals

Product Description
ACD Fat Off Fridge and stainless steel cleaner
Envirodrain Liquid 1Lt Extremely strong product – Hazardous
Enviroglute High risk mortuary cleaner and disinfectant
Envirohand High risk mortuary hand soap
Envirosuperpower Mortuary degreaser
Formalin 10% Buffered formalin
Histology Mix Prepared formulation (genuine histology preservative)
Instrument Cleaner High risk instrument cleaner and disinfectant
Medihand High risk medical hand soap
Odour Masking Solution The ONLY Masking Solution for use in Mortuaries
Toxicology Mix Prepared formulation (Alcohol based)
Green Mamba Formulated electrolytic acid etching accelerator for restoring or enhancing obliterated serial numbers and any other identifying marks that have been removed by filing or grinding off metal surfaces.
Haemotex Formulated specifically for the dissolving and removal of blood and other stains without the destruction of any other essential chemical particles.  Contains Irgasan DP300 bacteriacide for personal protection against most bacteria and viral strains